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Tips For Traveling to Germany For the First Time

If you’re planning a trip to Germany, you’ll want to keep these travel tips in mind. Most shops are closed on Sundays, and be sure to carry Euros rather than cash. You should also avoid sharing personal information, like phone numbers, or texting people at restaurants or bars. In addition, jaywalking and walking in bicycle lanes are illegal in Germany. If you encounter a sketchy person, ignore them or seek out a safe place.

Before heading to Germany, take a few minutes to do some research. Learn about the history and culture of the country. You’ll be able to appreciate the culture better if you understand the local customs. Also, familiarize yourself with travel necessities, including health and travel insurance. If you have a sensitive stomach, you’ll want to consider taking a food-allergen supplement, such as a probiotic.

Be aware of the weather. In Germany, four distinct seasons are observed: summer, winter, and spring. Autumn and winter are romantic, while springs are bright yellow and irritant to allergies. If you want to avoid the high prices associated with these seasons, you can take advantage of free museums and walks in the countryside. However, don’t forget to tip your guide. In Germany, it’s common to see tourists with umbrellas, so pack your raincoat.

Driving in Germany is relatively safe. While the U-Bahn is a quick way to get from A to B, it can be crowded in the rush hour. However, you should also consider using public transportation to get around the country. In cities, the trams are an excellent option as they don’t worry about traffic and are often faster. You can also use the national rail network, known as S-Bahn. Using the S-Bahn will make traveling in Germany more convenient.

Crime is rare in Germany. As the largest economy in Europe, the country welcomed 37 million foreign visitors in 2017 and is ranked 22nd in the 2018 Global Peace Index. While crime is not common, it is still important to stay vigilant. Beware of pickpockets and drunken people on the street. However, most people will be friendly and happy to assist you if you can speak their language. There are also many ways to protect yourself against pickpockets.

Germans are known for being direct, and they won’t beat around the bush. Unlike Americans, they do not like to talk about personal lives, money, and war. Rather, they like to talk about their country, or about things that happen there. Another cultural tip to follow is to not drink tap water. Germans do not drink tap water, so if you plan on doing so, make sure you pack a water bottle. Generally speaking, Germans are efficient and punctual.

Hiking is another great way to experience Germany’s natural beauty. The country has many hiking trails, including the Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps. Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike or simply want to get some exercise, there are plenty of hiking trails available in Germany. Just be sure to brush up on your German phrases before you travel to Germany. While Germans aren’t rude, they are often more reserved.

While German women are generally safe in the country, you should never walk alone in the streets or in areas that are not well lit. In addition to these safety precautions, it’s also important to keep your valuables locked away and separate from your luggage. This is especially important if you’re traveling alone in the country, since Germany has very low crime rates. Nonetheless, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Traveling in May is an excellent time to visit Germany. As the spring season is coming to an end, prices for hotels and activities will be cheaper. You can visit museums and city parks as well as attend spring festivals. Smaller cities are worth checking out, as they may have grand cathedrals and palaces. Moreover, medieval towns still have protective walls. So, plan your trip accordingly. And, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!


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