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About Me:

Andre Alonzo Chambers was never your ordinary child when he was younger. He was always thinking about what else could be done in the world than what was right in front of him. Andre has achieved incredible things as a result of that knowledge, which began early in his life and continues today.

Taking the Reins of the Tech Horse:

Andre Chambers was already leading people with high tech at the age of 20. The tools’ newness made sense; the world was swiftly shifting in the direction of new tools and surroundings, and those who jumped on board early would reap the greatest benefits from the transformation. Who would have guessed that gadgets as little as a hand would have as much financial and communication power as they do now, only 20 years ago? Today’s smartphones have the processing capability of a network server from two decades ago.

A Natural Leadership Transition:

Andre swiftly rose through the ranks after realizing the power of computing. Before he was old enough to drink, he was already a team supervisor in a software business. And the opportunities he saw were growing, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises that might fill gaps in marketplaces where big ones got stuck or needed agile assistance. By the age of 22, Andre Chambers had already established his own IT firm, giving consultancy and technical support to those large companies. Rather of getting a salary, he was now signing them for Andre’s own staff and workers. Also, the customer list wasn’t a shabby collection of names. Andre’s firm was giving technical help to significant companies such as Toyota, AFLAC, State Auto, and a number of others.

Market Investing:

Andre wasn’t the only one who didn’t have all of his eggs in one basket. He took advantage of the unstable real estate market in the 2000s by working on property investment opportunities. Andre Chambers was in the rare situation of holding interests in at least three states, exposing him to significant variances in regional markets, local economies, and real estate valuations. Andre was able to leverage his positions into multi-million dollar projects by combining his worth with partners, working his way up from a portfolio of three residences.

It’s time for a major life change:

Andre Chambers, on the other hand, believed it was time for a big life shift when the year 2020 arrived. He was tired of the continual chase that comes with working for a worldwide consulting business, of worrying about the firm’s growth and being publicly traded, and of how much time it kept him away from his family. It was past time for a change of pace. As a result, Chambers shifted gears considerably, focusing far more on being near the home front. Chambers put in hours with local small businesses attempting to survive during the initial COVID outbreak, and he discovered new opportunities to serve in the community significantly more than previously.

Begin to Live a More Diverse Life:

Andre also discovered that he had more time to enjoy life. BBQing became a personal hobby for the entrepreneur, particularly when it came to smoking meat for maximum taste. Andre became so enamored with the cooking and grilling method that he acquired a variety of grilling equipment, including a smoker and two different standard grilles for simultaneous cooking on big feast days.

Travel has also become a significant source of pleasure. Andre began to examine far more than just markets and positions since the world is a far larger place than simply markets and positions. Holidays ranging from Puerto Vallarta to the Alps and lower Germany-Bavaria, as well as more smaller trips like going camping locally or regionally, proved life-changing experiences for the former computer firm owner.

All of this did not, however, take Andre’s own drive away altogether. In later years, he still felt compelled to explore, create, push, and develop commercial chances. Andre has turned around languishing ideas or failing businesses in a variety of ways, including DMV ASAP. He’s discovered gold where others just see rubbish, and he recovers fresh resources from what others discard. Andre established another another possibility for employment and achievement for himself online by resurrecting DMV ASAP from a shattered shell he took over in 2020. But, recalling his history, Andre isn’t content to keep his achievements to himself. In his Las Vegas town, he has aggressively provided resources, grant cash, and direct computer equipment to local schools. He also sought methods to aid the Boys & Girls Club, homeless organizations, and Big Brothers Big Sisters in his community.

What’s Next: Looking to the Horizon

Andre Chambers is fully aware that life will continue to offer curveballs as well as breakthroughs. The key to getting through it all is resilience and the capacity to bounce back from bumps rather than being thrown off track. There will never be a perfect day in which everything goes as planned. Something always goes wrong, but those hiccups may also signal the start of something larger. Andre Alonso Chambers is well aware of this truth, having followed it for decades with tremendous success.